Yas The Royal Name of Perfumes at The Collection Abu Dhabi

Yas The Royal Name of Perfumes


Yas The Royal Name of Perfumes is an Emirati company that was established by the Chairman Abdulla Al Qaisieh. 

The name resonates with the gallantry and heritage of the Bani Yas Tribe, that were the earliest residents of the Gulf region and the Arabian Peninsula.

Both of the royal families, the Al Nahyan and the Al Maktum, are descended from this significant tribe. 

Yas Perfumes capture the essence of glorious times, in its captivating fragrance made for those with a taste for exclusivity and eminence.

Yas embodies a regal way of life, and is therefore connected with classic sports such as polo, equestrian events, TV and Radio programs. 

Yas has extended its support to sports clubs, and charitable organisations in the country. Including such renowned names as, Al Ain Sports Club, Al Jazeera Sports Club, Ghantoot Polo Club, Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, International Boxing Championship, Shaikha Fatim for the Mother and Child, Marriage Fund, Bani Yas Sport Club and many more...

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